Rizzoli & Isles | Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The case hits close to home when a childhood friend of Frankie’s is found dead. He was part of a boy band. The case hits Angela and Jane hard as well. She is determined to find out what happened. Their first hunch is that he was back on drugs, but Maura says he was clean for at least the last six months. The case brings her to the father of the boy band, in prison for stealing from his boys. He swears that he would never kill is child. DNA clears him as well, but Maura finds that the DNA shares a familiarity. Lydia accidentally reveals during a shower hosted by Angela that the baby could be her ex-husbands her son Tommy. She is even more upset that Jane, Maura and Frankie knew. Lydia moves back to her moms.

Rizzoli & Isles

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