Rizzoli & Isles | Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

When bodies start coming out of artistic statues with prostitutes without arms or hands, Jane begins to suspect that another Floyd apprentice is behind it. Maura’s on and off again boyfriend Dennis (guest star Eddie Cibrian) returns after three months, she does not really want to talk to him. He admits that he has fallen for her. Other bodies are discovered. Lydia arrives at the station having contractions, and refuses to go to the hospital. Frankie calls Tommy, who discovers he might be the father. Dennis surprises Maura at work and tells her that it’s birthday and invites her to dinner. Maura’s assistant tells Jane that the last victim had a drug to render a person unconscious, the same drug that was found on Dennis when he was mistakenly taken for dead. She remembers the hand sculpture that was given to Maura, and break it and finds a human hand. They save Maura in a nick of time, but Dennis falls to his death.

Rizzoli & Isles

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