Law & order SVU Season 10 episode 8

In the 8th episode of the 10th season, Olivia is called to a pharmacy where a woman asking for the morning after pill gets physical with the pharmacist. She reveals being raped in an alley and her body was covered with bruises. Despite this, the ME reveals that the area where she claims she was sexually assaulted was covered with oil. This makes it unlikely that it was the place where she was raped. They discover the husband was at fault for it and attempt to have her admit it. Olivia turns to the neighbors for help, but after charges are brought against the husband, the rape victim recants her story. Feeling helpless, Olivia stays with the neighbours in hopes of catching the husband in the act. She hears them fighting, but they find her stabbed to death. The investigation reveals the neighbor had been a fugitive for a murder 34 years ago. In that murder, she confessed to being raped and that she had shot him after a particularly violent episode. The original DA wants her in jail for making her look like a fool 30 years ago. We later learn that the reason she ran away was to get an abortion that resulted from the rape. She is found not guilty of 2nd degree murder and the prosecution decide to give her probation instead of jail time. 

Law & Order: SVU