Superman & Lois | Series premiere review

This new chapter of the Superman story should of originally been told on the hit 90’s series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. However, ABC robbed the fans of the story. Now many decades later, we finally get to see Superman and Lois raise a family. Originally, before the Crisis of Infinite Earths event on the CW, they were suppose to have one child. But events of that series led to them having twins. In this new iteration, Jonathan Kent dies when Clark is a teenager. His mother dies in the series premiere of a stroke. After the twins survive a fall at the Kent farm with no scratches, they begin to suspect something is off. They later discover a ship hidden in the farm and confront Clark, who reveals his identity and the possibility that maybe just one of them has powers. Jordan, who is struggling with mental issues, takes issue with the lies.

Furthermore, Lana Lang, a friend of Clark’s growing up, reveals that the bank offered Martha a reverse loan so she could help the community, being that Smallville was slowly losing all their farms and business. Clark and Lois need to decide if they save the farm, or sell it to the bank.

Jordan and Sarah (Lana’s daughter) bond. They kiss and her boyfriend attacks him. Superman deals with a new enemy. This new enemy seems to have protection on whatever powers he has.

The new enemy stabs Superman with Kryptonite and almost dies. It is revealed that Jordan is the one with powers.

Captain Luthor is the new enemy and plans to get more Kryptonite. Also, the Kent’s decide to stay in Smallville.

The series feels different than the other incarnations of the show, and I have to admit that I like it alot. What would be fantastic is if Supergirl made an appearance.

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