Is Vanessa Marcil returning to General Hospital?

For weeks now, fans have had no new episodes of their favorite soap General Hospital. The COVID-19 having shut down all filming in the US. With B&B resuming production today, we have no news on when, or how, General Hospital will produce episodes.

The soap extended it’s library by cleverly inserting past clips into the show. The last airdate was on May 21st 2020. Now, in it’s place, theme weeks of vintage episodes are shown.

Maurice Bernard, who portray mob boss Sonny Corinthos on the show, stated that he would love to have former onscreen lover Brenda back, portrayed by Vanessa Marcil. He even said that she brings ratings and that would be a good move for the show.

Considering the soap has been off the air for well over a month, that move might be needed to get people back to watching the soap opera. The last time we saw Brenda, she had just created a mess of a situation by sleeping with Michael (Chad Duell), Carly’s (Laura Wright) son. She lied to Sonny and Michael stating he was drunk and that she just wanted to get a rise out of Carly. But who knows, she might have a five year old son or daughter. Imagine the explosive story that would bring when Carly finds out the truth !

However, we need a stronger Brenda. She needs to be in charge, have her stuff together. She does have another son that should be in his teenage years, so she needs to show that her family is everything and she will do what it takes to protect them.

Television Canada reached out to Vanessa Marcil, however we did not get a response before the article went live.

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