Arrow: The end of an era

I finally got around to watching the last two seasons of Arrow.  Thanks to the COVID, millions of people are catching up on shows, and I wanted to watch the final episodes after it aired.  Let me tell you how my story started with Arrow.  About nine years ago, give or take, a fabulous CW show called “Smallville” ended. So, when the announcement came that series was being developed around the Green Arrow, I was for sure thinking that the series would take place in that same, established universe.  When I learned that was not the case, I decided not to watch it. I did not watch The Flash either. When Supergirl came to CBS (for its first season) I was happy they were not connected.  Then CBS dropped it and the CW took it and decided to create those crossovers.  I am not someone that can start a show at season three. So, before the premiere of the first crossover event, I binged watched, IN ORDER, all of the shows so I can be up to date. I never regretted it. Stephen Amell nailed the role from the very beginning and watching is character grow thru out the years has been a pure pleasure.

The last season was different, the first season without Emily (Felicity). We got blast from the past, while Oliver was being tested by the Monitor. So after-crisis, I was happy to learn that Tommy, Moira Queen and Sarah and Laurel’s father, Quentin, was still alive. We also learned in the series finale that evil sister Emiko Queen was no longer a bad person. Moira welcomes her with open arms in the series finale.

The thing I loved the most about the series is how every character has grown. Every character has changed from the beginning to the end. I sincerely hope that this will not be the last time we see these amazing characters. Although it was said on screen that Diggle and Lila were moving to Metropolis (Superman and Lois).  Dinah was revealed to have awaken in 2040 and that her entire history had been wiped. If the series about the new Green Arrow and the Canneries is picked up, we might dive into this mystery.

Thank you everyone behind Arrow, you have delivered an amazing eight years of TV. 

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