General Hospital… what’s working… what’s not!

We have just concluded the second week of fresh new episodes of General Hospital. So here is my view on the soap.

The soap looks the same. People were a little distanced in the first few episodes, but now they don’t seem to really care. Sam (Lindsay Hartley) was all over Jason (Steve Burton) when he woke up, just one example. Speaking of Lindsay Hartley, was she not the most amazing recast ever. Wish they would of brought her on as another character. But who knows, with talent like that, I am pretty sure she might pop up in Port Charles again.

I am a little disappointed that they did not take the time to rethink some of the storylines. We are tired of Nelle acting like a spoiled brat. She is making me wish that she does not turn out to be Nina’s daughter. At this point there is really no redeeming this character. We will all know she is about to kidnap the kid. Anyone with a brain could see that coming.

And why or why have they not found a more suitable theme song. The flipping picture is cheap and the music is not iconic. Remember Faces of the heart? Now that was an opening.

I mean you put the doctors with a background of the hospital, the cops with the police station, the Cassadines in font of the house of horrors etc… And you find a song that sticks to your head.

One of the last openings of As The World Turns was great.

Even Sunset Beach had a great song. It was long so we can see all our favorite characters.

They even a special event one.

Ok. Enough with the openings.

Another thing that bugs me is why in the hell is Ava not finding someone that loves her for her. In my book, that would always be Morgan, but enough with the fake marriage. I believe the show ruined what could of been a great and strong friendship between Nikolas and Ava. Ava needs to be paired with someone that will keep her on the straight and narrow…. Mmm… Chase maybe? Or if we want Sonny to have a heart attack, Dante ! No, am kidding . They would never go there, unless they plan on killing off Ava.

I know the show is called General Hospital. But why is it we only see Lulu, Laura and Cyrus at General Hospital. Even Jordan and Curtis are always walking around like the place is a shopping mall.

And that Valentine… smug little… He forced Lucy to vote against the Quartermaines. How long has he been planning this ? Months ?

I believe Kelly Monaco returns to our screens next week. Can’t wait to see her back in action. Will her disdain for Brando turn into attaction?

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