The Oval | Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Newly elect President Franklin and his wife, Victoria have a violent fight in their hotel room. However they stop when they are informed they need to get ready for the Inauguration ceremony. Lilly is unable to get back to DC in time, this frustrates her husband, the President’s chief of staff. A stranger suggest she gets loose a little and they have sex in the airports bathroom. Barry has had enough of his ex Ruth coming over to see their daugther. He believes she is in a cult and holds custody. Barry’s mother makes the mistake of letting her visit, and with the help of other cult leaders, they kidnap her daughter. Victoria as ugly words towards her daughter that refuses to go the the party. She shows up drunk at the white house and demands that the Butler’s son guide her to her room. Once there, she attempts to have sex with him. He pushes her off and she hits her head. When she comes too, she accuses him of raping her.

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