Teen Wolf | Season 3 Episode 9 review

Allison, convinced her father is behind the murders and sacrifices follows a lead that reveals that he was searching for the same evil. They realize a teacher is next and everyone regroups at the school. Stiles tells his father the truth and just when Cora is about to show him the truth she collapses. Stiles father makes it clear he does not believe him, Stiles leaves hurt. Lydia decide to stays at the school because she believes if she stops fighting what she is she might find the victims alive instead of dead. Lydia is lured away only to be revealed that the druid doing the sacrifices is no other then the teacher that has been dating Derek. Just as she is about to kill Lydia, Lydia screams so loud that all the Werewolves here it. She is revealed to be a Banshee. Stiles father attempts to save Lydia. But Stiles and Scott arrive too late, he’s gone.

Teen Wolf