Teen Wolf | Season 3 Episode 5 review

On a school bus off to their mandatory Cross-Country activity, Scott can’t get over the death of Derek. We see in flashback the epic battle between the Alpha’s and Derek’s pack. Scott tells Allison she should stick to the plan of not getting involved. Stiles worries when Scott is not healing. Allison and Lydia are following the bus to make sure they are ok. With members of the Alpha on the bus, Issac and the others try to maintain peace while on the bus. Allison tells Stiles to find a way to stop that bus and she tries to suture the wounds, following what Lydia thinks that Scott won’t let himself heal because of Derek. She is visited by her mother who demands she stops being emotional and get the task at hand done. The Alpha’s go see the Vetenierian, who is later visited by Deucalion that kills the wounded Alpha. Isaac goes off on one of the Alpha’s when he believes Scott might be dead of his injuries. We later see Derek bleeding out next to the teacher he saved car.

Teen Wolf