Teen Wolf | Season 3 Episode 4 review

In this episode, Stiles theory about the Druids killing virgins for human sacrifices hits a snag when the latest victim is not a virgin. The Alpha twins start making trouble for Issac at school. After locking Issac and Allison in a closet, Scott decides that it is only fair to attack back. Deucalion violently makes his presence and intentions known to Derek. He wants him to kill his pack and become and Alpha like them. He later throws Isaac out. Lydia as another episode where she shows up somewhere in random, she is in the music class and discovers another person as been kidnapped. The veterinarian friend tells them that this group kills in groups of three, and realize their teacher is next on the list. He leaves them a clue and he hear him tell whoever is about to kill him that he did all he asks and that they will discover him. He his killed.

Teen Wolf