Teen Wolf | Season 3 | Episode 16 & 17 Review

Halloween continues Issac survives the attack and Allison’s father reveals that they were probably after him. The Twins offer to host the glow in the dark Halloween party. The five shadows go after the Twins,Lydia and Issac and attempt to get to Scott. They all have a symbol behind their ear. Scott and Stiles help Kira get her phone back from police custody before they see what she is. The gang believe that Scott is the next target and Scott believes Kira is, so Scott and Kira go to his house, waiting for his mother to come and activate the protective spell. However, is father arrives with proof that Kira and Scott was in the office, he his attacked and stabbed. The gang discover the spirits are looking for a dark spirit inhabiting one of Scott’s friends. Kira is worried its her, but turns out its not. We discover that Stiles as the spirit.

Teen Wolf