Teen Wolf | Season 3 | Episode 1 review

In the season three premiere, it is revealed that Jackson as moved to London. Allison just returned and hanging out with Lydia. On their way to a double date they encounter by chance both Scott and Stiles. Later a deer runs into Lydia’s car. Issac as some kind if amnesia and being pursued by new Werewolves we have never seen. A girl, who was trying to save him, as a message for Scott but she never manages to get to him before being killed by our newest villain Deucalion. At school, Stiles notices an injury on Lydia and she says her dog bit her. Then a flock of bird’s crash thru the windows of their class and breaking in attacking the students. The girl that was searching for Scott left an imprint on both Lydia and Allison’s arm. Scott finally learns that a group consisting of Alpha’s are already in Beacon’s Hills.

Teen Wolf