Superman & Lois – A big hit!

We are three episodes in and I am totally loving this show. It’s different and fresh and tells a new chapter of the Superman story. The new story sets these characters apart from the traditional Superman story.

The casting is also fabulous, these teenager boys no how to act and demonstrate the angst of being teenagers, and add to that the knowledge that their father is the strongest and fastest man alive. Alex Garfin shined in the last episode and showed us, the viewers, just what he his able to accomplish. New powers means meaning more aware of his surroundings, and proving to his father he can safely play football was probably the best bonding between them we have seen since the series premiere.

Just when we thought that it would change the dynamic with his brother, becoming jealous that he excels in football, we saw him actually help his father see the benefits of Jordan having friends and being happy. He took the backseat for his brother. Again showing a more evolved type of storytelling, instead of the basic love/hate relationship we see on television.

I really believed that the Cushing house was going to implode, but Lana made sure that her daughter knew she was there for her, despite the crappy parenting showed by her father. Lana finally admitted to Sarah and herself that when she smiles, she does not feel happy, it’s a façade that she was raised to do. Will we see Lana being more honest about how she feels? How will Kyle handle this?

I truly believe that this show is strong enough to allow us to see, from time to time, Kara. The story is being told that there is only Superman saving the world, and that is simply not the truth. Has the boys ever met her?

If you have not given this show a chance, please do. You will not regret it. It’s an amazing story and I am sure more incredible things are coming.

Superman & Lois airs on The CW. You can also get a season pass on Itunes by clicking here !