Lucifer – The last 2 seasons so far…

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

When FOX announced that Lucifer would be airing, I was not really drawn to it. Technically it’s not a super hero show like Arrow and The Flash. I watched the pilot a few months ago and I was turned off on how full of it the Lucifer character was. Full disclosure I watched 10 minutes of it. But I kept reading good reviews, good ratings, that it was renewed for a third season, so I decided to give the full pilot my full attention. I was laughing so hard on how much Lucifer is a dick that it automatically became my must watch. I love this show and you guys will also love it.

The story is about Lucifer, or Satan in other names he carries. He was banished by his father, God, to guard Hell. He decided he had enough and left for a permanent vacation down on Earth, in Los Angeles no less. Lucifer, portrayed by the perfect Tom Ellis, refuses to go back to Hell. He feels that he does not deserve to be there and dares his father to do something about it. After a shooting at his own club, he becomes acquainted with a detective, Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German. She seems to be immune to his charms, one of them getting everyone  he encounters to tell them their true desires. All the women (and some men) want him badly, but not Detective Decker. He also discovers that his immortality is affected while she is around, meaning he can get hurt. Although Lucifer tells everyone he’s the devil, the fact that he bleeds in front of Detective Decker makes her even more a non believer. When he warms his way in becoming a consultant for the police, he works even closer to her to find out what her secret is. He also meet her husband / ex-husband Detective Daniel “Dan” Espinoza that Lucifer loves calling Detective Douche. Lucifer’s brother,  Amenadiel tries to convince him to return to Hell where he belongs before their father finds a way to punish him. In a shoot out, he his mortally injured (being in proximity of Chloe) and goes back to Hell where he see’s an open door and he makes a deal to find whoever that escaped and bring them back to Hell, if they spare his and Chloe’s life.

Cue in Season 2 when we learn that the person that has escaped hell is  Amenadiel and Lucifer’s mother, played by Tricia Helfer who takes on a human that recently died named Charlotte Richards, a lawyer. Both Amenadiel and Mazikeen urge Lucifer to return her to Hell, but he refuses saying that making her stay here on Earth as a human is punishment enough. Their father then sends another brother to kill Chloe for not honoring is deal. Lucifer kills him and is instantly flooded with regret. During season 1 and 2 he see’s a therapist, that he used to sleep with, Linda Martin. Tired of Lucifer’s constant ramblings of being the Devil and such she demands to know the truth, and Lucifer shows his true form. Needless to say she is traumatized for a few episodes. She is currently the only human that knows the truth about Lucifer. Mazikeen who had begun a friendship with her manages to get her to accept it. Chloe is in danger again when she is poisoned by a tailor made drug that only the man who created it as the cure, and is dead. Lucifer plans to die and go to Hell to get the cure and return to save Chloe. In the meantime, Lucifer’s mother discovers that Chloe was created by Amenadiel, who had blessed her parents with a child at God’s request. Lucifer feels betrayed and after he saves the day, leaves town.


Television Canada will resume recaps for Lucifer with Season 2 Episode 14 witch returns on Monday May 1st 2017.


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