Law & Order SVU Season 10 episode 20

In the 20th episode of the 10th season of Law & Order: SVU, a girl falls down a flight of stairs at school and lands in a coma, and the doctors reveal to Olivia and Stabler that the girl has suffered many injuries not consistent with the fall. They investigate the family and then discover that she sent naked pictures to two boys, one of them her boyfriend. When she wakes up she says that they were accidents and that nobody beat her. Frustrated the DA demands Olivia arrest her for child pornography. This is to force her to tell them who beat her up. This backfires when under oath she refuses to tell the judge who beat her up. With the help of Stabler’s daughter, she finally reveals her boyfriend was beating her up. In a surprise twist the judge decides to forgo ending arguments and sentences her to a juvenile sexual delinquent facility for one year. Finding the judgement harsh, Olivia and the girls attorney try to find the statistics on the judge, but instead are both arrested. They discover the money scheme and the judge is arrested. 

Law & Order: SVU