How to improve ABC’s General Hospital?

By: JF Leonard

Fans of the show has been upset in the last few months about a few storylines dragging on what seems like forever. The first that comes to mind is that endless story with “Mike” played by Maurice Bernard and Nina played by Cynthia Watros. Now these two actors are extraordinary, the chemistry is there, but that story was doomed from the beginning. Nina was already at odds with Carly (Laura Wright). Now she is keeping the fact that Sonny, who thinks he his Mike due to convenient amnesia, is alive and well. During that time, Carly had to step up and assumed the role of mafia leader of Port Charles to prevent Cyrus Renaud from taking over, and she now must marry their best friend Jason (Steve Burton). All because Nina decided to keep the fact that Sonny was alive to herself.  If the story would have lasted maybe 30 days, it would have been okay, but this has been dragging for so long that Nina has absolutely no way of getting away with it. And do we really want to see another Nina versus Carly fight again?


Again, the story gave something new for Maurice Bernard to play after nearly three decades of playing Sonny. I get the appeal. However, this might have damaged the show a little by dragging this story too long. While the soap is losing viewers, The Young and the Restless is gaining some.

That is not the only story that is dragging its feet. This never-ending Peter August storyline is so long and dragged out and viewers have no interest on what is going to happen next. This is mostly because the show backed the character in such a bad place that there is no redeeming him at this point. Even his aunt Anna Devane (Finola Hugues) wishes he was dead. The problem is you have amazing actors and actresses, but you are not writing anything worthwhile for any of them.

Where is Jackie (Kim Delaney)? She was wonderful when she was on. She is no where to be seen!

So here are a few ideas that I believe should help get General Hospital back on track:

Sonny should feel betrayed by what Carly and Jason as done. Let’s face the facts, how long did they wait before having a memorial? Two weeks. How long did it take for Carly and Jason to announce they are getting married? It would be a shame if it was just Sonny coming back to where he was before he “died” and like never happened and pile on Nina for lying. Although I seen Nina and Sonny as friends, I don’t want them as a couple.

Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Bernard

The ideal situation would be for Sonny to go visit one of his old flames, cue the music, Brenda (Vanessa Marcil). But this time around, it would be nice to see an adult relationship. But of course, there is the matter of her having slept with Michael and lied about it? What if she has another child? Vanessa Marcil as always been a fan favorite and her chemistry with Maurice is amazing.


Where are the Q’s. Although the actress as retired, I am grateful that Tracy is seen from time to time. But Michael, Monica and Ned are not enough to sustain the Quartermaine family. Cue the music again, we need Skye Quartermaine back. Now I heard that the actress has retired, my love for Robin Christopher knows no bounds, but would it be fun if actress Alicia Coppola would take over the role (she was the original Lorna on Another World and was recast with Christopher) and bring back Linda Dano as her mother. Dano is a staple of daytime. Skye should have a grown-up daughter by now, so she could be added to the teen drama going on. A rival for Cameron’s attention?

ABC has the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live. What in hell are they waiting for to bring back legacy characters instead of creating new characters. I don’t like Austin one bit. I would much prefer Roger Howarth leave the show and come back later as Todd Manning and bring back Blair Cramer (played by the incredible Kassie DePaiva) and Téa Delgado (played by Florencia Lozano). These characters have connections with characters from Port Charles and would have fans of One Life to Live tune in to watch them again.

We also need more of Cyrus. I love to hate him. I love him interacting with Genie Francis (Laura Spencer). It would be great if we can learn more about his past and what molded him in what he is today. It could give the character some redeeming qualities.

The last thing I would change is the pairing of Willow and Michael. They are boring, simply put. Sasha was no better. He needs to be with someone that challenges him. Someone that Carly would never approve of.

With Drew back and Sonny mad as hell at his family for abandoning him, would a Carly and Drew pairing be better?

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