Charmed (2018) | Season 4 | Episode 1 Review

On the season 4 premiere of Charmed, the girls are still struggling with the death of Macy, and they are not communicating. Mel goes to a special magical bar and hooks up with random girls and Maggie and Jordan go out every night to vanquish demons. Harry on the other hand is moping around, missing Macy. None of them as seriously started to search for a new sister to join the Charmed Ones. However, this changes when they are pointed in her direction. At the same time, we meet Michaela, who sees a marble appear out of thin are and the portal to the Command Center. For several months she has been having dreams and drawing the other sisters. When they meet, she is in for the shock of her life and she accidently draws an apple. Maggie and Mel’s cousin accidently eat it, and it becomes a drawing on the floor. Harry summerizes she has the power of manifestation. They all save the day, but at the end of the episode she leaves them a message that she did not want this, and to not contact her again. 

Charmed (2018)