Batwoman: Season 1 finale review

To say that the first season of Batwoman was eventful would be an understatement. From the very first episode we have seen Kate Kane struggle with her moral compass when it came to her twin sister, who goes by the name of Alice.  Giving her chances after chances, Alice continues to seek revenge for being abandoned and she does the unforgivable, kills her father’s current wife, Katherine.

The big reveal came when Alice discovered how to kill Batwoman while wearing the suit, pretty much the same way you would kill Supergirl, Kryptonite.

The season finale, who was not meant to be a season finale, was directed by Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1, Sanctuary).

Alice and Mouse are on the outs, he wants to move away from Gotham and have a life, and she wants to kill her sister. Batwoman goes against a foe that is physically superior. So she forges a truce with Captain Kane to take down the current threat.

Being caught in a corner, Alice poisons Mouse.  And Captain Kane betrays Batwoman.  After the team finds a way to destroy Kryptonite, Kate reveals that she is keeping a piece for someone.

The final twist, Alice uses her face swapping technique and we are introduced to the new, evil, Bruce Wayne.

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