Arrow | Season 5 Episode 20 recap

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

The episode, dubbed by fans the Felicity and Oliver centric episode, begins with these two bickering on the fact that Felicity believes that Oliver does not trust her. Just has he is about to explain that is not the case, a EMP bomb explodes and renders anything with electronics offline, including Felicity’s implant that enables her to walk. To make matters worse, they soon also discover that Chase as booby trapped all the exits with explosives. Oliver believes he wants him trapped cause Chase wants to do something without him in the way. We flash back to 11 months ago, just after the William is Oliver’s son reveal, where we can still see the spark between the two. Curtis suggest to Felicity that they should get back together cause clearly the love is still there. However she tells him the issue is not the love, but the lack of trust he has for her. She feels he could of trusted her with William and other things, but he just won’t. Diggle, who has decided to sleep on the couch, is awaken by his wife who is upset at him. He says that what she has become is not something he believes he can accept. She counters all the ethical choices Oliver and him make and that she stands by them all the time. A knock on the door and the faces of everyone makes pretty clear everyone is aware that they are fighting, and Rene tells them that they have no word on either Felicity or Oliver, and their last location was at the bunker. Curtis arrives and informs them there is no power in the building, probably from a EMP bomb. Curtis makes a list of what they need, and Lila without missing a beat says she will get all they need from ARGUS. When she returns, things between Diggle and Lila are still on the rocks. Oliver is injured after not listening to Felicity and in an attempt to show her he trusts her, he lets her try her own plan. It backfires and a metane gaz leak makes their situation a little more complicated. The rest of the gang also discover that if the vents are not opened before they save them, the entire building will blow up, with Oliver and Felicity. Hurt and having difficulty breathing, Oliver finally reveals the real reason he shuts out everyone, that Chase was right about him, he enjoys killing people. Felicity reminds him that he had been tortured by him for days and that she does not believe that to be true about him. They are rescued by Diggle and the gang, and Lila and Diggle reconcile.

Chase welcomes William when he comes out of his school bus….

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