Arrow | Season 1 | Episode 5 recap

In this episode we see the aftermath of Lance’s arrest of Oliver and accusing him of being the vigilante terrorizing the city. He tells his mother he wants Laurel to represent him, who clearly mentions to her that this is a conflict of interest since her father is the arresting officer. The DA offers a plead, Oliver declines and demands to have a polygraph made in front of the detective who arrested him. In the meantime, Walter ask his head of security to have the boat wreckage he found moved to a safer facility. He later receives a phone call that the men died in an accident.  Needing to learn the truth, he confronts his wife who begs him to stop digging. Dig wears Olivers disguise while he his hosting a huge party. The Triad sends someone to kill Oliver, who is saved by Laurel’s father. He then drops the charges. Walter leaves Mrs Queen stating he his going on a business trip.