Rizzoli & Isles | Season 1 Episode 8

Jane has a nightmare about Hoyt. She then discovers in the middle of the night a device she used to burn Hoyt’s face the last time he abducted there in the street. We also see someone is taking pictures. The very next day they see a dead body, neck sliced, and Maura quickly discover that it comes from a missing couple from two years ago, and that this is the work of another Hoyt wannabe. Jane starts to panic. However her brother seems to be lucky and meets Lola and hit it off. She even invites her to Jane’s place to cook dinner, to relax her. Her new boss is adamant she stays off the case. Instead of waiting for his next move, they drag Hoyt to Boston precinct and she demands to know why she was targeted. He simply replies that she was a worthy adversary and that the missing women is close by. Jane arrives home to find Lola. She forgot about the dinner. Lola says her brother went out to buy beer. She goes into her room to change, only to find her brother tied up in her room. Lola is the apprendice for Hoyt. They manage to wrestle the gun out of her hands and her brother shoots and kills Lola, who is in reality, the missing women from two years ago.

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