Rizzoli & Isles | Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

During a baseball game, Jane and the gang bare witness to a dead body being dumped on the field. The women was in her robe and had no identification on them. Jane is convinced that this was no coincidence. During the game, Maura is approached by an handsome man who asks her out. She accepts. The date however is cut short and she diagnoses him with a decease. Jane hates the new boss, being someone she has a past with. He also second guesses everything she brings to him. A second victim on the same day with the same killing pattern begins to resemble and old case, the Boston Strangler. Has they dig, they realize that the names of the original victims are a match to the new ones, convincing them that the original Boston Strangler was just released out of prison for another crime and back at it. They ask assistance of the ex-detective that was on the case. On the last murder, DNA is left behind that proves that what the ex-detective was trying to tell everyone on the original investigation. Jane’s boss takes the arrest from her. However something does not sit well with Jane. Why would DNA conveniently appear? In the meantime, Maura notices that something is wrong with the ex-detective, who hold her at gun point. Jane arrives and distracts him long enough for Maura to stab him in the leg. He turns out to be the new strangler, determined to frame the other one. Jane’s boss apologizes for the bad start and promises to do better.

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