NCIS | Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The series premiere begins with Agent Todd witnessing an agent die in front of her of an apparent stroke. She is worried cause the officer just had lunch with The President. A turf war between The FBI, the secret service and NCIS begins. Todd reluctantly gives Gibbs access to the body, only to be ordered by the FBI to surrender the body once they land. However Gibbs and the team hide the body. Forensics find a poison on the clothes. Todd admits to Gibbs that she is in a relation ship with someone she works with, and she later breaks up with him. However, he also had poison and dies after her visit. She is suspected for a minute until they discover that they were purposely forced to change planes that has a different design protocols. Gibbs saves the day by shooting the assassin dead. Agent Todd is fired for having a relation ship and Gibbs gives her a job at NCIS.

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