Law & Order SVU | Season 11 | Episode 4 recap

In the 4th episode of the 11th season of Law & Order: SVU, a man wakes up on his bathroom floor, with a deep cut on his head and disoriented. He stumbles across the bedroom and finds a dead woman and calls 911. Advising that he does not remember anything or who the woman is, their investigation leads to him being seen at the bar with her and a former assistant describing an abusive run-in with him. The ADA is a little off when she demands a copy of the 3D rendering with the defendant’s face on it. She later accidently shows it to the jury. Stabler and Olivia find her at a bar going over her notes, seemingly drunk. She arrives in court 45 minutes late, barely being able to walk. The judge orders Olivia to administer a breathalyzer. She fails it. A mistrial is rendered and the man cannot be charged again for the same crime. He later admits to Olivia he did kill her. 

Law & Order: SVU