Law & Order SVU Season 10 Episode 5

In the 5th episode of season 10 of Law & Order SVU, a sick baby being dropped off at a fire station sends Olivia and her partner into an investigation of a doctor purposely giving bad advice to HIV patients, telling them that AIDS is a hoax. They receive an anonymous tip stating that a mother willingly withheld medication for herself and her young daughter, who died a few months before Olivia arrived to ask the mother about it. The mother denies the little girl died of AIDS but instead of an allergic reaction to a medication. They dig out the daughter from her grave and the medical advisor determines she indeed died of AIDS. On the witness stand, the mother suffers a stroke and later dies of complications of untreated AIDS. Olivia and Stabler attempt to convince the son to do a test, but he refuses. He later agrees and reveals he is positive for AIDS. 

Guest star: Viola Davis 

Law & Order: SVU