Law & Order svu season 10 episode 17

In the 17th episode of the 10th season of Law & Order SVU, they discover a little girl with a slit throat in a dumbster. They soon embark on a mission to locate a war criminal called “the devil” in order to make him answer for the attempted murder of the girl. A friend, Elijah, was supposed to protect her but failed. He his later released. Stabler learns that immigration wants to return him to where he was a child soldier. When he learns this he takes the church hostage. After getting him to calm down, he surrenders, however seeing he will never be able to stay in the US, he launches at the snipers and his shot dead. 

Guest star Stephanie March reprised her role of ADA Alexandra Cabot

Cicely Tyson also guest stars.

Law & Order: SVU