Law & Order SVU Season 10 episode 15

In the 15th episode of the 10th season of Law & Order SVU, a doctor that sexually abused teenagers is found guilty. He then turns around and sues the NYPD stating that they knew about it a month before and did nothing. They counter that the first witness was unreliable since he cried wolf about a year ago and made a fake complaint against a teacher. When Olivia and Stabler go to interview the doctor, he is found dead, shot and beaten with a golf bar to death. They find the fingerprints belong to a wealthy man and he is arrested. However the defense argue that the DNA evidence is non-sustained and is thrown out of court. It is later revealed that the son of the man was the one that beat the doctor to death since he was he too a victim. However, due to severe lead poisoning when he was a child, he could not be responsible for the murder. 

Guest star Stephanie March reprised her role of ADA Alexandra Cabot

Law & Order: SVU