Arrow | Season 1 | Episode 1 recap

In the series opener, we find out that billionaire Oliver Queen is alive and well, five years after he vanished along with his father and Laurel’s sister. Stranded and alone, he comes back to his home to complete something his father began, to rid the city of evil people that extort and blackmail others to remain in power. Is first name is Arthur Hunt, who is also being sued by Laurel. He orders him to transfer 40 million dollars to an account or else. When he does not comply, he his nearly caught by the police but escapes. Before all this he his kidnapped by masked people and they demand to know if his father is alive and if he revealed anything to him. He manages to get free and kills all of them and rescues him and his friend. He tells Detective Lance about the green hooded person that rescued him. Lance confronts him later on and angrily ask him if he even attempted to save his daughter. At the end of the episode we learn that Oliver’s mother was behind the abduction and she wants to find out what he knows