Law & Order SVU | Season 11 | Episode 2

In the 2nd episode of the 11th season of Law & Order: SVU, a few treasure hunters find a suitcase with a dead woman’s body. Since the body was nude the SVU team is called in. While investigating, they are led to the boyfriend, who advises them that they broke up months ago and now live on her own. They find her apartment and discover that she was meeting older men in order to get paid for shopping and stuff. They talk with the owner to advise them he does not know her and bought the internet company three months ago. However, while undercover, Stapler sees a picture of the victim with the boss. Olivia and Stabler go over the man’s day and catch him in another lie when he says he went to his daughters’ practice. The daughter attempts to lie and say yes, but the mother corrects her. He then starts to confess and the ADA comes in to shut down the interview requesting that the man’s lawyer be present, although he waived it twice. This becomes a very heated argument between her and Stabler. After the arraignment, the ADA tells the team they need video footage from the train station to nail him However, Olivia notices that the victim never boarded the train, but the daughter carried her in the luggage, meaning she was the one who killed her. Stabler asks her father about it who confesses that she did it and he was trying to protect He asked one final moment with her, when she realizes she is going to jail and that her father broke yet another promise, she stabs him in the neck and kills him. 

Law & Order: SVU