Law & Order svu season 10 episode 13

In the 13th episode of the 10th season of Law & Order SVU, a young girl is kidnapped. The suspect is the biological father who was just released from jail. Evidence shows he was in contact with the daughter. However, he has an alibi making it impossible for him to be the kidnapper. The father points at the mother, saying she is a con-artist. Her father being a very well known criminal. They find the old man trapped in an underground panic room, delirious but with 100K on him. The biological father, Gino, tries to get information about him but his mind is so degrated that he just remembers bits of pieces. The mother then comes running to the precinct with a voicemail from the kidnappers, asking for the money within the hour. They form a plan and wire the mother, only to have her double cross them and fled with the money. They find the daughter and the bio dad gets a second chance, but he decides to blow it because he believes his daughter would be better off without him. 

Law & Order: SVU