Kelly Ripa and husband to revive “All My Children” on ABC

Fans of All My Children rejoiced a few days ago when the announcement came out of a reboot, or spinoff, of All My Children was in the early stages of creation. ABC cancelled the daytime and the last episode aired on September 23rd 2011.

The series got a new life as a web series. Prospect Park, the company behind the short revival, aired the first episode on April 29th 2013. However the series was short lived due to behind the scene issues. The company was ill equipped in dealing with internet content. They started out with four new episodes a week with a special recap episode on Friday’s. After a few weeks, they dropped to two episodes and by the end it had also dropped the Friday episode. Reducing the episode caused that only television network in Canada to air the series to drop the show. FX Canada was the only broadcast network that had signed to air the show. The show was suppose to be free for the a time and episodes become chargeable, but that never took place. Also the cost per episode on Apple was higher, discouraging fans from purchasing them. After a few years of legal battle between Prospect Park and ABC, ABC won the rights back to both All My Children and One Life To Live. Prospect Park accused them of sabotaging the series, after hiring three of the most popular One Life To Live actors over to General Hospital as their OLTL alter ego’s. The court filing forced General Hospital to have the actors exit their OLTL characters, and were brought back as new characters.

Rumors of a revival as been circulating for a few years now, but this latest news, backed by ABC hold more hope to be successful. The series will be a primetime spin-off, currently called “Pine Valley” is the early stages of being created. Backed by former All My Children star Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are on board to produce and possible star on the series. There is no word on when or who will star. The only information that we currently have is that it will follow a reporter with an agenda that becomes involved in a feud between the Santos and Kane’s.

What do you all think about this new development ?

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