Charmed (2018) | Season 4 | Episode 2 Recap

In the 2nd episode of the fourth season of Charmed, Mel is not willing to give up. She calls Michaela and leaves messages that she does not return. In the meantime, Jordan recruits a reluctant Harry to go after a coin maker that killed a Pixie. This brings them to the special bar Mel was going to and he pointed in the direction of an abandoned cabin. Michaela tries to show her friend her powers, but they do not manifest when she wants them too. Mel gets a signal from the Command Center board that Michaela is in danger. Michaela asks her to leave her alone. Turns out an evil little old lady wants to punish Michaela for showing magic to a human. She is vanquished when she accidently hurts a said human. After saving Harry and Jordan from a bomb, Michaela decides to join them. Maggie tells Jordan she is not yet ready to embrace her new sister, still grieving Macy. 

Charmed (2018)